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Just a note

I’ve been getting messages lately that suggest some visitors haven’t noticed the site description on the right hand side of the blog. So just to reiterate what it says, this tumblr is like a fan site. Sydnee herself has nothing to do with this tumblr and in all likelihood she has no knowledge it even exists.

In other words, you can’t contact her by sending in asks to the blog.

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I meant to bring this up last time, but about a month ago this little blog got its 1,000th follower. In terms of porn blogs, I don’t know if there’s a more confining niche than to only focus on one specific person. And a person who’s now been retired for a decade at that. It’s an all or nothing type of thing. People out there will either like the person or they won’t.

When I first started this up last summer, I honestly didn’t know if it would top 100 followers in the first year. I had no idea how many people would be interested. Now we’re at 1,125 in just 9 months. It’s nice seeing that so many others enjoy Sydnee’s work as well.

Thanks for continuing to visit.